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Why Promote Kids in Balance's Happy, Healthy Kids Wellness and Weight Release Programs?

  • Why We Do What We Do

    At In BalanceLM we LOVE families, both our own and those around us! Even more, we love when families function at optimal body, mind and spirit health! Unfortunately with childhood obesity rates at an unprecedented high, what were once thought of as "adult" diseases becoming increasingly common in our kids and, for the first time ever, the life expectancy of today's children predicted to be less than that of their parents, it's clear that something is wrong with how many of us have been lead to believe is the best way to do family life. With In Balance's simple yet encompassing BALANCE acronym (B-body type; A-attitude and emotion; L-laughter and play; A-activity; N-good night's sleep; C-clean water and air; E-eating for health) we educate, inspire hope, foster courage, and empower parents to safely, simply and sustainably create happy, healthy, appropriate weight kids.

  • How We Help Bring About Change                                                                                                           Oftentimes parents feel intimidated about moving toward wellness. Discovering the right "healthy living" path can be fraught with confusion, contradiction and frustration. It can seem that getting HEALTHY means "tons of time, energy and money" and, more often than not, cranky kids and a stress-filled household! To top it off, creating healthy children can feel like it comes at the expense of having happy, energetic and joy-filled parents! Not so. With Happy, Healthy Kids (HHK), our In Balance hybrid home learning/group mentoring support program, parents get everything they need to do wellness, well. They view 8 online modules and download material at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home yet get the personalized support of a private FB page and regularly scheduled group mentoring sessions. And the best part? Parents find that not only is our holistic step-by-step program simple to follow and both time and budget-friendly, they discover that the effort they are putting into creating happy, healthy kids comes back to them with the resounding result of an overall happy, healthy home.

  • Why We'd Love You To Join Us                                                                                                        Our mission is to create engaging, enlightening and empowering coaching programs for families which, by their attention to learning style, health starting point, culture and economic level, inspire forward movement toward ongoing optimal health. We've helped all kinds of parents--single moms, new immigrants, busy working-outside-the-home moms and dads--around the world, gain family wellness and, if needed, release collective family inches. As a well living advocate, health care professional, mompreneur, parenting expert or anyone whose reach extends to parents of children ages 4-18, you likely have connection with our beloved specific audience. And as you may know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money AND provide real value to your audience. But the key to success is choosing the right program and the right product. We’ve got you covered. By joining our HHK Affiliate Program, you will be able to offer a life changing family wellness program that has helped 100s of families gain energy,  increase mental clarity, balance moods and reach and maintain an appropriate weight. We imagine you have a ton of affiliate programs to choose from, so it is our goal to make our program the very BEST, both for your tribe and for you!

  • What's In It For You

    • 40% Commissions
    • $198per sale. The program sells for $495. $198 of that is . . . for you!
  • Dates

    While our Optimized Webinar Sequence operates almost year round and you can drive traffic to it when and as you choose, here are the tentative dates for our first ever JV launch. We'd love you to promote us through either method but would especially love your support for our February/March 2016 launch. Please mark the dates on your calendar and we will email you if anything new comes up.

    Sept 29-Oct 6- Pre-pre launch
    October 6- PLC #1 (Video & Download)
    October 10- PLC #2 (Video & Download)
    October 13- PLC #3 (Video & Download)
    October 15-16- Pre-recorded Webinar Released
    October 18- Cart Open
    October 19- Q&A Call
    October 20- JV Bonuses Closed
    October 20- Interviews Released
    October 21- Cart Closed
4 Ways To Promote Happy, Healthy Kids Right Now
  • Co-host a Happy, Healthy Kids JV Webinar with us - If you can get over 100 people on a live webinar and 300+ people registered we’ll host a dedicated webinar-in English or in Spanish-just for your audience.
  • Promote Our Optimized Webinar Sequence - Don’t have a big enough audience for your own webinar? Direct your tribe to our evergreen webinar and start making commissions now.
  • Market Happy, Healthy Kids in Blog Posts, Social Media & Emails - Love Happy, Healthy Kids? Have a great family wellness story to share? Tell your story and promote Happy, Healthy Kids to your audience.
  • Join us in a JV Launch - In Balance is planning its next JV launch for fall of 2016. As an affiliate, you can capitalize on the broader release of this unique, natural and effective approach to family wellness by creating bonuses of your own and working with us to promote the launch.
Inside The Product:
What To Love About In Balance's Happy, Healthy Kids!

  • In Balance
    • Vision to be the world leader and chosen authority in supporting famlies to simply, safely, naturally and sustainably reach overall wellness and a healthy weight.
    • Core Values
    • Holistic Approach to Health
    • Trustworthiness and Integrity
    • Non-Judgemental Attitude
    • Grateful Hearts
    • Open Minds
    • Wellness Keys to Success
    • Focus-On increased wellness in bite-sized chunks so families can easily and affordably be healthy for the long-term.
    • Accountability-Through our proprietary Set for Success system that maximizes a family's potential to hit key wellness goals.
    • Wellness Education-That is action-oriented, giving families concrete BALANCEd lifestyle tools to implement immediately.
    • Support-Through our private Facebook page and regularly scheduled group Connects that offer sound counsel and unique perspectives on each family's wellness successes and learning experiences.
  • Why Our Program Works
    • Unique 
      Until now there has been little in the way of simple and safe wellness and weight release information for families, and no holistic step-by-step method to: sort through today's often conflicting health information, translate concepts of natural nutrition and functional fitness into easy, tasty and fun ways of doing life or build a foundation of wellness for a child that will last a lifetime. HHK                                                             
    • Back to Basics Approach                                                                                                         HHK uses real rather than artificially sweetened, no-fat or other unnatural foods (meaning you get to shop at “real food places and stay within a “real food” budget).
    • HHK provides step-by-step—, and at the start, day-by-day— direction (meaning families can do this simply and easily!).
    • HHK's methods and tools enhance both a child’’s and a family’’s self-esteem (meaning reaching wellness and a healthy weight becomes a win-win for parents and child).
    • HHK recognizes that optimal health is about much more than what you weigh (meaning families can discover a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime).
    • Effective
      Over the past few years, increasing numbers of HHK parents have seen significant and positive physical, mental and emotional change in their children. They have seen their children collectively release hundreds of inches of fat, watched their children’s energy levels increase, seen increased amounts of perseverance and determination in many areas of their child’s life and observed their child’s moods and concentration stabilize. They have accomplished these goals by adopting KIB’s healthy and simple wellness and, when needed, weight release principles, principles that are simple, soundly researched and naturally back to basics. Starting the Happy, Healthy Kids family wellness program is like discovering your own tailor-made way to optimize health.
    • Support
      HHK has a brilliant, caring, creative and passionate team of perpetually learning holistic nutritionists at its helm, each with particular areas of expertise and experience. We've walked out "health" for years, and whether with our own children or those around us, have sorted out how to do that journey well, both teaching and learning from those children along the way. Whether in our Connect group mentoring sessions or on our private Facebook page, parents are able to tap into and receive benefit from the decades of body, mind and spirit wellness represented by our team. Parents may be teaching their children a healthy lifestyle for themselves but with HHK, neither they nor their children will be doing it by themselves.
What the Experts Have to Say

. . . an easy-to-follow plan that makes sense!"

Dr. Al Sears, Founder - Center for Health and Wellness

I love your program because you have taken a very complicated issue and mapped out strategies that make healthy weight management conceivable and achievable. What these children and their families learn will stay with them for their entire lifetime. So not only does your program make an impact now, it will change their future for the better."

Brenda Eastwood, RNCP - Woman’s Health Specialist and author of The Hormone Rollercoaster

. . . childhood obesity is one of the more significant and heartbreaking issues facing us today. Fortunately, through her insightful, sustainable, memorable, and comprehensive program, Brenda Wollenberg [In Balance’s founder] has provided us with an extremely useful resource for addressing this issue practically and permanently."

Jonathan Bailor, Author - The Calorie Myth and lead researcher on the largest scientific analysis of health and fitness ever conducted

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