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The weight you lost last year find you again? Contact In Balance and this time lose it for REAL.
About Us

Getting healthy and reaching an appropriate body weight should be a manageable task. Instead, wellness has become complicated by:

  • current nutritional confusion
  • fewer back to basics health skills being taught and
  • a focus on magic bullet approaches to weight release.

The need for In Balance’s simple, practical and lifestyle-based philosophy of wellness coaching has, therefore, never been higher.

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Upcoming Live Events

From coast to coast, we have an In Balance nutritionist near you, offering live in-person events to help you on your happy, healthy, and lean-as-can-be weight release journey. Find out what’s coming up in your area.

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Locate a Consultant

If you have yet to find the right combination of factors to keep you feeling well and in a healthy weight range, it could be time to recognize you need help releasing weight and gaining wellnessIn Balance’s Certified Consultants (IBCCs) run on-location weight release support groups across Canada and online programs everywhere!

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