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Getting healthy and reaching an appropriate-for-you body size should be a manageable task. Instead, wellness has become complicated by:

  • nutritional confusion
  • fewer back to basics health skills being taught and
  • a focus on magic bullet approaches to wellness.

The need for In Balance’s simple, doable and lifestyle-based wellness coaching has, therefore, never been higher.

Why the Need for Wellness Coaching?

Research, numerous studies and even a simple glance around a neighbourhood social gathering reveal that what North Americans are doing in terms of dietary intake, exercise, stress management, restorative sleep, appropriate fluid intake and making room for rest and play has simply not been effective.

After decades of highly processed food, of being swayed as to what a truly ideal body looks like and of following the latest quick fix in an attempt to replicate that body, many North Americans are ready for a new approach.

What’s Different About In Balance Lifestyle Management?

Integrated PhilosophyIn Balance programs were developed by the company founder, Brenda Wollenberg. With education and experience in the fields of both social work (BSW) and nutrition (RHN) Brenda writes, teaches, and develops programs on a wide range of healthy living topics.

In his book, The Emotional Life of Your Brain, Richard Davidson, Ph.D. states:

“I would go so far as to assert that of all the forms of human behavior and psychological states, the most powerful influence on our physical health is our emotional life.”

On a foundation of emotional and physical health, In Balance’s wellness coaching programs provide tools and support that invite participants to move more completely toward both body and mind wellness.

Multifaceted – Although there are a variety of factors that contribute to someone being unwell, for most people that range of factors can be narrowed and sorted to fall within seven specific categories. In Balance weight release and wellness coaching explores each of those seven B-A-L-A-N-C-E factors and provides simple, step-by-step action plans to create positive and effective lifestyle responses.

Grass Roots Movement – Brenda initially developed the In Balance program to help Vancouver, BC-based parents safely transition their children from lack of wellness to a healthy, balanced state. As word spread, IB began receiving Canada-wide calls from parents requesting help. Brenda put the In Balance program into a simple, easy to understand format and the 2010 publication of her book, Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World, was the result.

Now we would love to help you on your wellness journey. Contact us today!

Why In Balance Wellness Coaching Works

In an integrated, practical and supportive way, our wellness coaching promotes:

Education. We believe that understanding the many factors that contribute to a lack of wellness enables participants to more effectively put a game plan in place to counteract those factors.

Hope. We believe that with support, virtually everyone has the potential to grow in health and wellness, improving self-esteem and well being. We hold out this hope for all participants.

Courage. We believe that at times, in order to see change, participants will require a great deal of courage. Swimming upstream against embedded individual beliefs, social norms and culture will require energy and courage.

Empowerment. We believe that with the building blocks of education and hope, every participant has the power and ability to move towards increased health.

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