Aging Well: Keeping Your Telomeres Happy

A couple of weeks ago, a friend/long term client suggested I consider the topic of “aging well” for some of my blog posts. So, decided to start with a little blurb on how to maintain the health of what would be considered the very foundational determinants of aging – telomeres.

According to the simplest dictionary definition, telomeres are a compound structure at the end of a chromosome. Underlying that simply statement, however, is that fact that these compounds play an essential role in the aging of our cells and, therefore, in the aging of us!

Telomeres have been described as similar in nature to the plastic tips that are at the ends of a shoelace. They help to keep a chromosome from “fraying” or “unraveling.” In many ways, the health and longevity of that “plastic tip” determines the health and longevity of a body as a whole.

That means, if you want a long, high quality life, it seems prudent to follow lifestyle practises that minimize telomere shortening.

Simple Steps to Telomere Health

Here are a couple of suggestions you can begin to put into practise as quickly as tomorrow:

  • Eat a high-fibre diet (My recommendation is that the majority of that fibre come from vegetables rather than grains).
  • Quit, or simply don’t start, smoking.
  • Minimize environmental pollutants (What’s in your personal care products? What do you use to clean your house?).
  • Be active; find something you like to do, and do it regularly.
  • Eat modest amounts (No stuffing yourself and perhaps consider giving intermittent fasting a try).
    • Increase daily intake of antioxidants (i.e. My Moringa oleifera favourite, SuperMix’s 46 compounds with antioxidant activity!).
  • Consider using Ameo’s Basil and Rosemary essential oils on a regular basis (In a study conducted by Zija’s Dr. Joshua Plant and his team, these two essential oils, among others, appear to have telomere-protective effects.).

I regularly mix a couple of drops of Rosemary EO into my natural skin care lotions like Zija’s genM Moringa Body Oil, and rub it on both my liver and thyroid area. You may smell a bit like a pizza but your telomeres will love you for it!).

That’s it for today.

Until next time . . .

. . . be well,


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