Happy Chocolate . . . I mean Easter!

If you have hung around with me for more than 10 nanoseconds you likely know a few things about me. First, I love chocolate! Secondly, I love nurturing, growing and expanding my understanding of the spiritual component of who we are. Thus I love the reflection, restfulness, rejoicing and family/friend times that are often a part of Easter celebrations! And thirdly, did I mention, I LOVE...
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Aging Well: Keeping Your Telomeres Happy

A couple of weeks ago, a friend/long term client suggested I consider the topic of “aging well” for some of my blog posts. So, decided to start with a little blurb on how to maintain the health of what would be considered the very foundational determinants of aging – telomeres. According to the simplest dictionary definition, telomeres are a compound structure at the end of a chromosome....
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