Water with a Holiday Sparkle

Day 6: Water with a Holiday Sparkle crop

Virtually everyone knows how important water is to the body. During the busy holiday season, however, when grabbing a refreshing glass of water can be at the bottom of a very long “to do” list and where there are a plethora of other beverage options at every party and celebration, it can be challenging to get an adequate intake of approximately 8 glasses each day. Here are suggestions to ensure water’s essential light shines bright all season long:

1| Start your day with a large glass of water – preferably room temperature and ideally with lemon. Need to develop new habits to ensure that happens? Put a glass of water by your bed before you go to sleep (cover the top with a paper towel), and don’t allow yourself out of bed in the morning until you finish it. Or you could place the glass of water on the bathroom counter, again covered, and don’t start brushing your teeth until you’ve downed the whole glass.

2| There are many free apps available on your mobile device that will allow you to track your water intake. Give a few of them a try until you find one that works to help you regularly reach your best intake.

3| Not sure if you’ve reached your daily requirements? Get a large glass container and fill it with the amount you will require in the day. Use that container to fill a glass for drinking or to fill water bottles throughout the day.

4| If you find the taste of plain water boring or bland, add frozen organic veggies or a few drops of doTerra’s lemon essential oil to the water. Both are great for adding flavour as well as health benefits.

5| Own a water bottle (glass or stainless steel is best) with a never-fail seal. Don’t leave home without it filled. If the bottle is spill proof you can tuck it in your purse/briefcase/bag and keep it with you all day without being concerned it will leak and ruin other items. If you go places that do not allow you to bring beverages into the venue, bring an empty bottle and fill it with water once inside. 🙂

6| At holiday celebrations, make water your drink of choice! “Fancy” it up by choosing club soda with a little lemon, lime, or maybe even some frozen cranberries to get in the festive mood. Drinking it out of a nice glass (not just the can!) can also get you in the holiday mood.

Want to know more about why water is In Balance’s beverage of choice? Check out F. Batmanghelidj M.D.’s fantastic book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water.

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