Calming your Brain for a Good Night’s Sleep

Many people lament that they do not sleep well. Perhaps you too suffer from this dilemma Ensuring your bedroom is dark, removing disruptive pets, and using a low-level “white noise” to help tune out traffic and barking dogs are three solutions towards providing a good sleeping environment.

But what about the interior disruptions, the noise in our mind that Dr. Mercola refers to as “cognitive popcorn” or unstoppable thoughts running through our mind at night? 

The good news is there is hope; begin by trying these three tips to help slow down the brain in readiness for sleep.

  1. We all have thoughts that cause us anxiety, which are invariably the ones looping in our mind when we can’t sleep. Take a few minutes during the day to identify, acknowledge and write down these thoughts: if one of these troublesome thoughts wants to get a jumpstart on your peace of mind at “lights out” time, you can mentally check it off with “I’m dealing with this”. As suggested in 12 Ways to Shut Off your Brain Before Bedtime, rather than doing this exercise at the very end of your day, writing it out earlier gives you some separation time. This daytime exercise can also be used for writing down those to-do lists for the next day.


  1. Lavender essential oil is known for its effectiveness for mental relaxation. Use lavender aromatically by inhaling directly or in a diffuser by your bedside. Another application is to rub a drop or two on the bottom of your big toe: I am hooked on this evening ritual for its effectiveness for sleep – plus it inspires me to massage my feet. That always contributes to “putting on my calm”!
  1. Settle the score before going to sleep. What does this mean? Do your best to resolve emotional or stressful relational issues, especially with those you love. Replacing anger and fear with communication and gratitude can do wonders for a good rest.

Try as we might with tools to clear our minds and sleep well – there are those nights it eludes us. This quote reminds us that even then we can face morning with gratitude:

A little insomnia is not without its value in making us appreciate sleep, in throwing a ray of light upon that darkness. Marcel Proust

If you would like to try a free sample, or like to find out how to get essential oils for your own home you can contact me here.

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About the Author: Karen is a prairie girl now residing on the East Coast of Canada. She’s an active outdoorswoman, essential oil enthusiast, community builder and supporter of local food goodness… and a fabulous raw-food chef!

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