Journey to the New You

What do the top 10% of the healthiest and happiest people in the world do every day? With the help of In Balance, you can do it too!

In today’s busy world In Balance’s natural mirroring of the habits of the healthiest and happiest people in the world can get you started on the road to a healthy weight and overall wellness in no time. In our years of helping children, teens, families and adults naturally and simply release excess weight, we have learned a few things about the best, most long lasting ways to achieve an appropriate weight range and increased wellness.

Weight Release Tips

Our weight release tips, though short and sweet, could be the best tips you will ever read on how to gain health and lose inches.

Top Four Simple Weight Release Tips:

Slow but steady wins the race. The vast amounts of research evaluation done by health advocates such as Jonathan Bailor (Smarter Science of Slim) and Matt Stone (Real Food and Weight Regulation; Real Food Summit lecture) show conclusively that dropping a lot of weight in a short period of time, is generally not an effective way to maintain health and to see permanent weight release.

At times, when a strong link to emotional eating or unhealthy beliefs is discovered and dealt with, there can be a period of rapid weight release, but usually, anything over a loss of one or possibly two pounds per week:

  • negatively impacts the body metabolically
  • makes it difficult to achieve adequate nutritional intake
  • contributes to cravings and mood imbalances and, in general,
  • is counter-productive to achieving overall health.

Real food is the way to real health. The best way to encourage the body to begin shedding excess fat is to provide it with sufficient quality and quantity of the nutrients it requires to maintain balance in all its systems (i.e. digestive, hormonal, nervous, intestinal).

That means avoiding artificial foodstuffs and highly processed food products, and instead enjoying meals containing good quality proteins, a range of colorful vegetables, healthy fats, and safer starches.

salmon_salad_328388_lEat for your body type. A quick look around your neighbourhood should be enough to show the futility of applying a one-size set of weight release tips to such a vast array of body types and personalities. Contact In Balance to fill out a complementary Body Type Survey and determine the fuel mix that is best for you. Stop eating for the average Joe or Jane when you clearly have your own unique set of DNA and, therefore, have a unique fuel mix that best supports you reaching a healthy weight range and optimal health.

Exercise in small but smart amounts. Only in the last approximately 30-40 years have North Americans become so conscious about exercising so much. As we have seen a decline in many quality of life health factors as well as increases in conditions such as obesity and diabetes during the last half century, clearly our increased time at the gym or running track needs to be re-evaluated. One of In Balance‘s best quick weight release tips is to exercise less and smarter (i.e. 1-2 interval training activities and a short negative resistance activity).

In Balance weight release and wellness programs run as 8 to 12 week group online meetings. Our programs include:

Comprehensive, easy to understand and follow e-books so that you:

  • Have “Lean as Can Be” guidelines right at your fingertips
  • Know exactly how to prepare for change
  • Walk simply through two weeks of mild dietary sugar-free cleanse
  • Transition easily to a balanced, body type appropriate lifestyle

Simple exercise guidelines so that you:

  • Exercise less but smarter
  • Discover fun ways to become a fit adult or family
  • Easily fit exercise into a busy schedule
  • Don’t have to spend 2 hours/day on a treadmill!

Menu plans, shopping lists and tasty recipes so that you:

  • Don’t have to think about what’s for dinner
  • Can simply print out a list and head to the grocery store
  • Have simple new recipes that your friends and family will love to help cook

And if you follow our Kids in Balance program, you will also get:

Handouts, activities, fun workbook and videos for your child so that:

  • You learn “Lean as Can Be” values with your child
  • You don’t have to be the “food sheriff”
  • Carrot Top and Snappy can be your child’s health guides
  • You have fun ways to engage everyone in wellness
  • You will have children who don’t think healthy food tastes gross

By investing in a comprehensive and short term health initiative you can get off the diet and weight release merry-go-round forever, gain foundational health information, learn simple weight release tips and be on your way to a permanently healthy weight and overall wellness.

Contact us now and with a complimentary 15 minute Body Type Assessment review, we will get you started on the road to optimal health and wellness today!

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