Dealing with Loss, Naturally

Everywhere you look today, there are people dealing with loss.

Whether it be work-related, having possessions stolen, a financial set-back, diminished health or even the passing of a loved one, grief and sadness are a part of life.

As my family continues dealing with loss of our dad/grandfather/great-grandfather/partner . . . I have been reminded of a few steps that while they will not eliminate grief (sometimes you just have to sit and be present with that emotion), can help to keep a loss from feeling overwhelming.

Get Enough Sleep

Our body doesn’t much differentiate between physical and emotional trauma. The “prescription” for both is to get plenty of restful, restorative sleep. If you need help: take a warm bath before bed; read quieting material; practise mindfulness or centering prayer; use Améo’s True Lavender essential oil either diffused in the bedroom or rubbing a few drops on the soles of your feet.

Homeopathic Support

If you use homeopathics, pick up some Ignatia amara, the remedy for grieving and loss.

Essential Oils

Two essential oils that show some anecdotal support for dealing with emotional trauma are Blue Spruce and Rose. In addition, lavender, orange and peppermint have shown some evidence of being helpful with anxiety. This excellent Dr. Axe article gives some additional tips for dealing with grieving and anxiety.

 Cell Health

Applying or ingesting essential oils is one thing. Ensuring they have enhanced bioavailability and efficacy is another. Whether at times of loss or simply when you want to best maintain cellular vitality, consider taking Zija’s Cell Health combination of essential oils that not only provide their own benefits, but act as super carriers to enhance the benefits of other oils you ingest. Here are a couple minutes of FB Live footage by two Zija experts, Dr. Joshua Plant and Dr. Scott Johnson, to help explain a little more about why Cell Health would be a valuable addition to your supplement options.

Comfort Eat, with Care

While it is super important to keep up the veggie, healthy protein and quality fat intake when dealing with grief, loss often calls for at least a small amount of “down” time. And that, in turn, can contribute to comfort eating. Recognize that is what you are doing and avoid comfort eating with poor quality, fake foods. Instead, eat that food with others who care about you and try a snack with real food ingredients, particularly some healthy protein and fat. These Vegan Protein Brownies fit the bill with Dutch Chocolate Core Moringa Plant Protein and almond butter. If you try them, let me know what you think!

Take the Help

Whether it is clients who volunteer to postpone their appointment a week; an offer of a meal; or a chance to sit in the sun and have tea with a friend . . . just say “yes.”

Take the Joy Amidst the Sadness

A wise friend of our family mentioned that in dealing with loss, the understanding of grief has changed over the years. We no longer see it as grief diminishes; it is rather that joy and laughter and delight grow up around it. On holidays or anniversaries or even completely out of the blue, we may feel that grief again with full weight. But over time, all the good things we experience in life have opportunity to grow and build and balance that grief.

Have a great day, thanks again for all your support in building up my joy quotient, and until next time. . . be well,



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