Discover Healthy Weight Loss

When In Balance clients exercise less (but smarter) and eat more (delicious and simple to make foods), they gain health and lose inches. Could they know something you don’t?

Often when people think of the term “weight loss foods” they think of:

  • 100 calorie snack packs
  • limp celery
  • cabbage soup
  • meal replacement shakes
  • tasteless salads
  • lo-cal products
  • skim milk
  • artificially sweetened foods

In addition, the concept of weight loss foods also conjures up a large list of all the foods that one might think would NOT fall into that category:

  • nuts
  • butter
  • full fat dairy products
  • coconut oil
  • dark poultry meat
  • avocado

What if Weight Loss Foods Simply
Consisted of Real Foods?

At In Balance we are big believers in: eating real food as close as possible to its original form and not becoming food fanatics. In other words, we advocate minimally processed foods that have a long history of use–the kinds of foods that kept our ancestors healthy and fit for generations!

Participants in our In Balance weight release and wellness programs shop at the local grocery store, produce stall or farmer’s market. They stick to the outside aisles of the supermarket where weight release foods such as a wide array of colourful and nutrient-rich vegetables like leafy greens, peppers and squashes, and healthful starches such as sweet potatoes and yams are displayed; where cheese, yogurt and eggs are stored; and where naturally raised beef, chicken, lamb and fish are kept.

avocado_241194_mParticipants make occasional forays to bulk bins for nuts, seeds and legumes as well as modest amounts of whole food starch products such as brown rice, quinoa and wraps, and into the middle aisles of the store for healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil.

Round out the weight release foods list with nut butters, small amounts of fruit such as berries and citrus fruits, and of course a few “sometimes” foods options, and participants are set to prepare tasty, simple In Balance recipes, fill their plates with a fuel mix of healthy foods per their body type, eat until comfortably full and watch as their overall wellness increases and their excess fat decreases.

Weight Release Foods for Non-Cooks

If your kitchen cupboards are bare, or are simply used as overflow storage for your camping or camera gear, does that mean that In Balance‘s simple steps to a healthier life are beyond your reach? Not at all! Our In Balance Certified Consultants are well-versed in a range of ways to create individualized dietary plans that suit not only your body type but your lifestyle.

While it can be a little more challenging to eat for health if you are a traveling salesperson or a pilot living mostly on airline and airport food, we teach about the food items that need to be in your carry-on bag at all times, and help you discover the best body-type appropriate food selections for eating out.

A Parent’s Guide to Weight Release Foods

With a busy household, and meals often eaten in the car on a way to music lessons or a hockey practise, eating for health can be a challenge. Fortunately, as the founder of In Balance has five children, and has spent many years of her life at soccer and rugby field sidelines; on volleyball, handball and basketball court bleachers; and watching dance recitals and high school plays and musicals; In Balance makes turning a busy life into a healthy life simple, practical and manageable.

With our Day-at-a-Glance Guidelines, kid-friendly meals and family activity suggestions, parents hoping to move the whole family to a healthier life–including, if need be, helping transition a child or teen to an appropriate weight range–will get all the BALANCEd support they need.

Weight Release Foods

Hmmmm, let’s see . . . low cal, non-fat, artificial-sweetened foods OR Roast Beef with Harvest Vegetables, Grilled Salmon with Lime and Cilantro, Make-Your-Own Taco Salad, Chicken Lasagna-Style, Caesar Salad, Asian Chicken Drumsticks, Meatballs on a Stick and Berry Coconut Milk Shake?

If your answer is “real food”, contact us for information on the In Balance weight release foods approach today, and start eating your simple and tasty way to health soon!

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