Put Inspired People in Charge

That means YOU! Give In Balance 28 days and we’ll show you how to reap an inheritance of wellness and appropriate weight for the rest of your life.

Know anyone who has ever been on a diet? Know anyone who has been on lots of diets?

With 25-30% of children, teens and adults overweight today, we are pretty sure you know lots of “dieters.” Perhaps you and/or your child fit into that category yourselves. If so, there is a good chance that you make four different “diet” attempts a year. There is also a good chance you’d like to get off the weight loss merry-go-round for good.

In Balance‘s naturally best weight release programs and wellness plans are designed to be a child, teen or adult’s:

  • last attempt at releasing weight and gaining health
  • the attempt that works and
  • the attempt that lasts for a lifetime.

Are you trying to get lean and fit by:

  • calorie counting
  • long hours at the gym
  • use of artificial sweeteners
  • a low-fat diet
  • drastic short term measures

Are you instead:

  • losing muscle rather than fat
  • experiencing cravings
  • binge eating
  • feeling tired
  • struggling with moods

When what you are doing isn’t working, it is time to try something new—and that something is In Balance, the most natural wellness and effective weight release program created.

Real food. Real bodies. Real health.

In Balance online or on location programs are comprehensive, nutritionist/social worker-designed plans that cover both the physical and emotional relationships we have with food, exercise and positive lifestyle change. That makes our programs unique, thought-provoking, motivating and successful; in other words, the best wellness and weight release programs around.

Our programs use the power of real food to trigger weight release and wellness. In Balance helps you partner with your unique physical and emotional characteristics and discover the real body that lies beneath the lack of wellness. With our ongoing support, you learn simple, practical ways to produce long lasting and comprehensive real heath.

With our 4 and 8 week adult and family wellness plans, the In Balance approach provides all the tools and support needed to finally and completely move toward a healthy body size and overall health.

Time For Something Different?

Time to get off the weight loss merry-go-round? Sick of calorie counting? Tired of having low energy? Looking to exercise less but smarter?

What if you discovered an easy to follow, step-by-step transition to a healthier life?

What if it was affordable, tasty and enjoyable, and could be done in a busy household or business?

What if it covered all the primary factors that contribute to excess weight and lack of wellness?

What if it really worked?

Contact In Balance today for a 15 minute complementary Body Type Assessment review and then register for one of In Balance’s comprehensive programs. Then you too can join the many children, teens and adults that have made the switch to the most natural and effective weight release program and wellness plan created and have already lost pounds and inches while gaining health!

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