Using Essential Oils for BALANCEd Health

Karen is a prairie girl now residing on the East Coast of Canada. She’s an active outdoorswoman, community builder and supporter of local food goodness… and a fabulous raw-food chef! Find out more about Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Karen, below.

Join In Balance consultant Karen Toews to find out how you can use essential oils to get back to a more BALANCEd you!

Essential Oils

As a holistic nutritional consultant, healthy food solutions for wellness are pretty much right at the top of the list  (along with foundational In Balance lifestyle habits, i.e. restful sleep, physical activity, drinking water, and more). In spite of diligent efforts for our best health, however, we periodically experience injuries, sore muscles, headaches, indigestion, etc. because we live in an imperfect world!

Our Canadian medical system – for which I am very grateful – provides access to modern medicine and effective help in many ways. Unfortunately, some of these prescriptions come wrapped in a chemical or synthetic form which may also carry unwelcome side effects, motivating me to look into natural, safe, alternative options (1) – one of those being essential oils (EOs).

In the simplest definition, EOs are concentrated, potent plant extracts containing chemical constituents – each oil with its own medicinal, and other, properties. They can be used aromatically, topically, environmentally i.e. around the house, and with careful direction, internally.

The science, education, and information about essential oils is myriad. All of the remarkable benefits of EOs are provided by nature, but can be only maximized when the oil is produced and administered properly and respectfully. Considering this in my research (which I recommend others also do), I have chosen oils I believe to be of the highest quality.

Making home and skin care products using essential oils is simple, cost effective and fun! I invite you to check out this 2-minute video how to make “sleep with ease essential oils cream”

Most people are familiar with taking peppermint tea for an upset tummy, or oil of oregano or melaleuca (tea tree oil), for a cold. However, following my on-going research; a growing EOs education; a positive oils personal experience for myself and others – I now routinely use and recommend EOs from the vast variety available.

Seven of my Favourite Essential Oils


  • Restorative  – diffuse while reading, or at the end of the day. Soothing for sore muscles and joints. Acts as a cooling agent in hot weather.


  • Has powerful antioxidant properties. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Mix with small amount of coconut oil for warming massage.


  • Has positive effect on indigestion. Helps relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains, or rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Cleanser and purifier for oily skin and also internally. Helps boost metabolism. Helps relieve stress and tension.


  • Helps relieve colds and cough. Skin cleanser. Removes grease (including automotive) and sticky, gummy labels!


  • Relieves cuts, bruises, burns. Provides symptomatic relief of eczema and dermatitis. Promotes smooth skin. Powerful cleansing for mouth and throat.


  • Invigorating pick-me-up – especially on long drives. Helps relieve joint and muscle pain linked with sprains and strains or rheumatoid arthritis. Relieves indigestion, tension. Helps relieve colds and coughs.

This article barely skims the surface of the wonderful world of EOs but learning about them and how to add them to your life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If I could leave you with one primary thought: pure, quality-tested EOs have effective potency, with just one drop at a time.

I would love to have you leave a comment or question – or if you would like more information about essential oils, or how to get them into your home, please click here to contact me.

(1) Health Canada has given NHP (Natural Health Product) status to doTERRA oils. June, 2016

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