Kids & Teens

Looking For a Healthy Diet Plan
for Children and Teens?

Use this nutritionist-designed healthy diet plan and
lifestyle program for quick and easy weight release
for your children and teens.

Childhood obesity is challenging. It can be hard on parents, hard on family relationships, hard on friendships and hard on the budget, but most of all, it can be hard on the child carrying excess weight. And doing what we have been doing— (calorie counting, artificial sweetener use, packaged diet food, the low fat approach) —doesn’’t seem to be making a dent in escalating childhood obesity statistics or making it any easier for overweight teens and children to get healthier.


Time for something completely different!


  • What if you and your child discovered an easy to follow, step-by-step transition to a healthier life?
  • What if it was affordable, tasty and enjoyable, and could be done in a busy household?
  • What if that program covered all the primary factors that contribute to a child carrying excess weight?
  • What if it really worked?



Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Just ask the many families who have discovered Kids in Balance (KIB), the healthy diet plan and lifestyle program that allows children to safely transition from carrying excess weight to a healthy balanced state. As other KIB families will attest, KIB could be one of the best things to ever happen to your child. In fact, KIB could be one of the best things to ever happen to your whole family!


So why haven’’t you heard about Kids in Balance?

Quite frankly because many experts are focused on the necessary but not as immediately practical area of research, have a singular approach (like calorie counting) or have not moved beyond the one size fits all method of helping children gain health. And probably the biggest reason? Because in North America, the weight loss industry is big business. A simple, proven, back to basics and cost-effective way of regaining health generates multiple benefits for an overweight teen or child, but virtually nothing for the $65 billion a year weight loss and maintenance industry.

It’s time to become knowledgeable about what we are up against, believe things can change and put empowered parents in charge. With an easily implemented, healthy diet plan and lifestyle program that works simply and effectively for every family who follows it, we can work towards eliminating childhood obesity.

If you haven’’t yet ordered Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World —the book that completely details the Kids in Balance program— do so now. You will be absolutely amazed at how simple it is to virtually eliminate childhood obesity in your home.


Real food. Real bodies. Real health. One family at a time. 


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