Healthy Diet Plan

How do you know a healthy diet plan when you see one? Natural and effective diet plans:

  • use real food
  • account for unique, real bodies
  • supply simple and real tools
  • provide practical real support
  • equip participants to function in the real world
  • produce real health results!

In Balance Healthy Diet Plans Have a Long History of Use

In Balance Lifestyle Management wellness and weight loss programs have existed in name since 2006, but at their core is a diet plan that has been used around the world and across age groups for many generations.

Based on body typing principles used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, In Balance uniquely tailors a healthy diet for each of its participants, taking into account factors such as right or left brain dominance and digestion rate.

In Balance Healthy Diet Plans are
Uniquely Designed

While everyone who wants to improve their overall wellness needs to:

  • eat a healthy diet of a variety of real foods
  • participate in a range of physical activities
  • adopt healthful attitudes
  • understand their emotional links with food and other lifestyle choices, and
  • have a repertoire of tools to help with positive stress management

. . . not everyone needs those health supporting factors in the same way or to the same degree. In Balance tailors a healthy diet plan for each In Balance participant to provide the highest possibility of overall wellness and, if excess weight is an issue, permanent fat release.


In Balance Healthy Diet Plans Provide
Simple Tools and Practical Support

With today’s pace of life, a healthy diet plan needs to easily be walked out in a busy home, or with In Balance‘s corporate wellness plans, in a busy office. In Balance‘s step by step programs walk participants through three simple dietary and lifestyle stages. In addition, In Balance provides 28 Day-at-a-Glance Guidelines to help participants simply and manageably walk through the initial stage of our wellness and healthy weight approach.

In innovative options of 4-15 weeks, In Balance programs cover the seven primary factors that contribute to someone carrying excess weight or being generally unwell. The In Balance approach provides helpful and practical motivational tools, group support, regular newsletters and “as needed” email and phone contact to walk participants through our healthy diet plan and onto a healthy life.

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