Healthy Travel Tips

It’s officially SUMMER! That means lots of good things but one of them is the increase in weekend road trips and vacation traveling AND the desire for healthy travel tips.

While there are huge restorative benefits to holidays, here are a few simple travel tips to ensure your vacation produces rest and recuperation rather than irritable bowel dynamics and immune-system suppression! (i.e. less-than-fun diarrhea and a nasty cold).

  • Print out and tuck into your suitcase pocket (now, not when your busy with last minute packing!) the In Balance’s Eating Well on the Road. You’ll want its sound and practical advice with you for both domestic and international travel.
  • Eat per the directions on the handout before, during and upon return from your trip. That means hydrating with clean water, increasing your vegetable intake and minimizing sugars/refined grains/alcohol. Note I say “minimize” and not “eliminate.” You are, after all, on vacation and part of what that entails is sometimes foods. Just be sure you’re getting top quality ingredients in your celebration foods and drinks, and remember the meaning of the word “sometimes!”
  • Concentrate on eating healthy fats and proteins, along, of course, with vegetables. If the cleanliness of raw vegetables is suspect where you are traveling, eat your veggies cooked. A healthy ratio of fats, proteins and vegetables will keep dietary sugar content low (to help support healthy immune system functions) and blood sugar levels balanced (to help prevent road rage and general traveler anxiety).

Healthy Travel Kit

In addition, you are going to want to put together a healthy travel kit. It should include:

  • SuperMix (90+ Moringa oleifera nutrients in one small, convenient sachet; need I say more.)
  • SmartMix (This combo of Moringa oleifera and prebiotics provides a tasty food source for the beneficial bacteria in our guts that support immunity and can protect against the intestinal infections that are often the hallmark of international travel.)
  • Moringa oleifera plant protein, chocolate and vanilla (For when you can’t find a good source of protein anywhere!)
  • Zija water bottle with shaker ball (To easily mix up the aforementioned three products)
  • Améo Hand Sanitizer
  • Améo ProShield essential oil (Can’t remember why? Here are 75 reasons.)
  • Améo True Lavender essential oil (For calming, sleep and skin irritations.)
  • Améo Peppermint essential oil (For energy, headaches and digestive issues.)

Zija Moringa and essential oil products can be purchased here.

That’s a great start to your summer travels. If you’d like a few more suggestions check Zija Advisory Council Member Nicole Johnson’s short video. She gives some great ways to use Zija products while traveling and demos a few quick exercises you can do, even in your hotel room, to keep fit and energized while on the road.

So whether you are home or away, until next time . . . be well,



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