Believe Things Can Change

If you or your children carry excess weight, In Balance can help you get healthier and leaner starting right now.

In Balance‘s before and after wellness and weight release stories are captivating, exciting and motivating, and cover an age range from children to teens to adults.

Because one of In Balance‘s primary goals is to assist participants in releasing excess fat in a safe and permanent manner our weight release stories take a healthy lifestyle rather than a drastic or quick fix approach. Designed for steady and long-lasting results, In Balance programs covers the 7 seven primary factors that contribute to excess weight and help participants:

  • discover the right fuel mix for their body type
  • examine emotional relationship with food
  • increase stress reduction techniques
  • adopt short but effective exercise routines
  • move toward sounder, more productive sleep patterns
  • utilize water as the primary beverage of choice
  • eat for health

Though In Balance does not recommend doing so, it is possible through severe calorie restriction and large amounts of exercise to initially lose weight quite quickly. With programs of this type, however, often the resulting metabolic changes in the body, less than optimal nutritional intake, and challenges with cravings and moods, make it difficult to stay with such a regimen.

Even more importantly, studies show it is difficult and often impossible to hold on to any of that weight loss success. Essentially weight loss that proceeds at more than one or, at the most, two pounds per week generally means a loss of lean tissue rather than simply fat. In Balance wants to facilitate our participant’s release of fat and an increase, or at least no reduction, in lean tissue.

In Balance Weight Release Stories

Bottom line, every In Balance Participant that follows the program as directed sees positive weight release results. Participants experience a variety of changes including:

  • more energy
  • better-balanced moods
  • increased mental alertness
  • better sleep and
  • improved overall health.

In addition, many participants report improvement in a number of other health areas including better balanced blood sugar levels and improvement in digestive challenges such as bloating. In Balance programs are designed to help a participant reach homeostasis or balance, and essentially consist of teaching participants to provide their bodies with the tools and support to move toward optimal health.

The term “wellness” literally has a new, vibrant, hopeful and exciting definition.

What Wellness Looks Like

Because it is impossible to predict in exactly what order a body is going to move its various parts toward wellness, In Balance cannot guarantee rate or amount of weight release. We can, however, relate the types of wellness and weight release before and after success we have seen over the years.

“You offer a great service to families! You have taught our family and daughter about making healthy choices and how to make the right balance between healthy eating and physical activity. These newly learned skills will keep her healthy for a lifetime. Thanks for a great program!” —Naomi

“After three months of diligent Build Your BALANCE phase effort, Rebekah feels like a brand new person and really enjoys the sensation of being an ‘average-weight’ child…she joined synchronized swimming and makes daily efforts toward being active and balancing food intake…most of all, she continues in her new lifestyle, knowing it is the best way to hold on to her success.” —Lynette

“…measurements were great!!…lost in every area!!” —Belinda

Hearing how everyone is doing is incredibly encouraging.

Lost 6 inches off my waist in 12 weeks!

I loved the personal support.

I am so excited for my daughter, and my family for that matter, for being a part of your program and of your vision for helping to make children healthier who are dealing with weight issues.

Very motivating and fulfilling! I have released 65 pounds and 40 inches!

I can’t thank you enough for all your help! Our son is so disciplined and has really taken ownership. This is going to help him his whole life!

I bought a dress last week and I am down one size.

In a recent Adults in Balance (AIB) 12-week program, participants dropped dress and pant sizes, eliminated excess pounds of fat and lost inches from their waist, a prime area of health concern, in amounts ranging from 1-6 inches. If that sounds like the wellness and weight release success you are looking for, contact In Balance today!

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