Meet the In Balance Team: Brenda Wollenberg, Founder

For the last (but most certainly not least!) in our “Meet the In Balance Team” series, we have founder Brenda Wollenberg! What can we even say about this lady? Not only is she a trusty leader & mentor, dear friend, and expert cookie baker, Brenda is the passionate and inspiring driving force behind In Balance who keeps this machine well-oiled and steadily moving forward in the pursuit of crushing obesity and growing wellness all over the world. Find out a bit more about this fantastic woman below!


Brenda Wollenberg, RHN

IB: Where are you from? Where do you live?

B: Living and working the dream in Langley, BC!

IB: We’re all about body type here at In Balance. What body type are you?

B: I’m an extreme carbohydrate body type! Don’t worry, it’s not a scary thing. Check out Karen Toews post to find out what that means!

IB: Favourite food?

B: An amazing mixed greens salad with lighter protein (grilled chicken), a bit of cheese (goat or feta) and some unique touches (strawberries or mango or caramelized pecans). Oh . . . and very, very high quality ice cream (can be vegan or good dairy), often with a dab or two of chocolate and nuts in it.

IB: How do you stay active and moving everyday?

B: High intensity interval training once a week, one or two sets of Eccentric Resistance Exercise (those two most often combined in a smokin’ fast Tabata class), restful and restorative yoga classes (flow is a favourite), after supper walks with the hubs, hikes with kids, walks with a friend, a crazy cycle fit class with my daughter-in-law if I’m in Toronto and then fun summer paddle boards and swims (anything to get outside, soak up some rays and get some fresh air!)!

IB: Why did you become a nutritionist?

B: I was a very sick social worker, who loved her job but hated having an ulcer, a low-functioning immune system, thyroid issues, mood swings, fatigue and a muffin top. When the herbalist I saw helped me correct ALL those imbalances, I eventually decided to get some training and help spread the wellness word to others who wanted to see positive changes in their health. I’ve loved helping grow a healthy family and love working with other individuals and families to do the same.

IB: What’s your number one piece of health advice?

B: Believe things can change. That hope will fuel the way through chopping vegetables 24/7, saying a ‘no thank you’ to sugar-laden processed foods, rolling out of bed for a morning run, making time for restorative days in your week and being willing to examine and work through the emotional baggage that wraps its tentacles around most of our ankles. Then you won’t have to just keep believing things can change . . .you’ll actually be living the change!

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