Meet the In Balance Team: Karen Toews

Meet In Balance team member, Karen! Karen is a prairie girl now residing on the East Coast of Canada. She’s an active outdoorswoman, community builder and supporter of local food goodness… and a fabulous raw-food chef! Find out more about Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Karen, below.


Karen Toews, RHN

IB: Where are you from? Where do you live?

K: I am from Wetaskiwin, Alberta: more accurately, from a farm near Gwynne. I’m thankful for growing up in a home rich in love and sound fundamentals for living. After living in Alberta for over fifty years (which included my marriage to a great husband and raising two children who have blessed me as Nana six times over) – my husband and I moved to Eastern Canada. We now live close to Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore.

IB: We’re all about body type here at In Balance. What body type are you?

K: I am a carbohydrate body type – actually in the Cx for “extreme
carb” category. That extreme designation may sound confusing (or frightening!) – and although I can be extreme about enjoying my family and working on a personal positive attitude – that basically means my body is happiest when my diet has about 60% non-starchy veggies, whole grains, fruit, and a bit of starchy veggies and about 40% proteins and fats.

IB: Favourite food?

K: Give me a salad please – a plate full of greens, other veggies, some nuts or seeds or both, cooked beans or a hard-boiled egg, maybe some leftover quinoa or a spoon of hummus. With or without a dressing depending on the texture of the salad-of–the-day!

IB: How do you stay active and moving everyday?

K: Outdoor exercise is my first choice so depending on the season those activities are running, cycling, kayaking, walking, hiking – my latest love is back-country hiking and camping. I do some gardening and yard work when needed – which helps with the upper body work, an area I want to pay more attention to for long term healthy body and strong bones.

IB: Why did you become a nutritionist?

K: Initially, I wanted to learn how to support and cook for some of
my family members who had food sensitivities and allergies. And the more I discovered how everyone is so different and the healing power of food, and other aspects of holistic health  i.e. sleep, exercise, attitude and emotional health – I wanted to help other people have courage to believe for change and discover how to improve their wellness. 

IB: What’s your number one piece of health advice?

K: I have three bits of advice. If you want/need to be healthier, believe that you can change – just like that extreme word I referred to earlier in this piece? – believe extremely that it can happen. Have someone come alongside you for help and support and to be accountable to. Start making one healthy step at a time, loving and allowing yourself patience and grace for the process.

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