Best Weight Release

All Natural, Best Weight Release Plan

for Kids, Teens and Families


Looking for the healthiest, best weight release plan to combat childhood obesity? 

Here’s a simple, natural, unique and proven, step-by-step approach: the Kids in Balance (KIB) program. The holistically best weight release plan yet created for children and teens, KIB addresses the seven primary factors contributing to childhood obesity:

  • B – Body type
  • A— – Attitude
  • L— – Laughter and play
  • A— – Activity
  • N— – a good Night’s sleep
  • C— – Clean water and
  • E— – Eating for health.


As explained in Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World— the book outlining the KIB approach— Kids in Balance is designed to work in a home setting and supports parents as they help their child reach a healthy weight.

If you and your child have tried calorie counting, the use of artificial sweeteners or a low fat diet with limited success, have done research on childhood obesity but are at a loss as to where to turn, or are simply beginning to look at weight release plans, KIB could be your next— and hopefully final —step on the weight release journey.

So what exactly does a holistic weight release plan look like?

First, it looks at the entire child, not simply a child’s excess weight.

Secondly, the best holistic weight loss plan must work in the home, the setting that has been proven most effective for healthy and long lasting weight release.

Thirdly, the best weight release plan needs to be about lifestyle change rather than a magic bullet or one-shot approach.

Fourthly, the best holistic weight release plan needs to be designed by someone who knows what they are talking about, both educationally and experientially, and needs to have been tested and shown effective.

And lastly, the best weight release plan needs to be REAL. That means:


  • real ways of making the plan fit into real families
  • real ways to work with real family schedules
  • real specific steps as to how to walk out the plan, and
  • real food, real bodies, real health.



As Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World explains, Kids in Balance truly meets all the criteria for the best holistic weight release plan available for your child. If you are looking for a unique, perhaps even revolutionary way, to deal with your child’s obesity issues, your search could be over. Bottom line, Kids in Balance’s holistically best weight release plan offers:


  • an approach that is unique,
  • an approach that makes sense, and
  • an approach that offers hope for change.



Order Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World today and soon, health really will be in your home!

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