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Have you tried dozens of diets and exercise plans? That didn't work?

Are you ready for a proven, step-by-step lifestyle method that fits you and your life? Perfectly?

  • Gain more energy; get better sleep

  • Have better balanced moods

  • Focus more clearly and easily

  • Feel more grateful and optimistic

  • Then you are in the right place.

    Check below for the program or personalized wellness coaching plan that is the best fit for YOU!

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  • Brenda Wollenberg BSW RHN

    Your Guide to Optimal Wellness


    Wellness Starts Here

                  1-1 Consulting

    Personalized Wellness Coaching

    Simple steps to a healthier life.

    $100 USD/hr

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    Perform Nutrition Playbook

    Nutrition For Sport and Life

    Up-level performance now!

    $27 USD

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    Happy Healthy Kids Adventure

    Reduce Tantrums, Gain Family Peace!

    Empower your kids with wellness tools

    $197 USD

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    Next Level Wellness

    Sweet Balance Challenge

    Sugar Intake Out of Control?

    Calm sugar cravings now!

    $47 USD

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    Simple Steps to Health System

    12 Weeks of Private Coaching

    So you gain healthy living freedom!

    $597 USD

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    Soul Bloom

    Revolutionize Your Body/Mind/Spirit

    The art and science of transformation!

    $697 USD

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    Why Choose Us?


    Our clients get more energy, fitter bodies, happier guts, and a healthier--for them--weight range. We support them in gaining those results. Simply. Sustainably. 

    Celtic Triangle


    You will discover tools to support emotional and mental health.

    These include eating to balance moods, improve sleep and calm your mind.

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    When you realize more deeply your connection to self, source and others, you'll experience greater purpose and a natural ability to experience life more fully!


    What Clients Say

    "Feeling better about life . . . "

    I am eating right for my body type and the numbers on the scale are moving down! I have more energy and have developed better habits, staying on course with my workouts.

    Debbie F.

    Soul Bloom Participant

    Woman walking in tulips

    "Expanding my thinking!"

    I definitely am expanding thinking always "too small, go bigger, no limits" which is still hard, but getting easier.


    Lori B.

    Soul Bloom Participant

    "I can see change . . . "

    I can slowly see and feel myself change (i.e. walking away from negative energies around me, changing my focus when I am feeling down and lost and not worthy).

    Jolaine G.

    Soul Bloom Participant


    Your Questions Answered

    I hate to cook OR I love to cook. Will this be too much work or my food taste like #*&%?

    Think "cooking" rates only slightly higher on your list of fun things to do than "cleaning toilets" or consider baking one of your love languages? Either way we've got you covered with simple, easy to prep healthy and tasty meals and snacks.

    And, just in case you are worried, we're big fans of chocolate and highly value the role of "sometimes" and "celebration" foods in life!

    Do I have to spend a ton of time in the gym or get sweaty with activities I don't enjoy?

    No. Let us repeat ourselves. No.

    We are firm believers in the benefits of physical activity but the science shows that where you want to start with wellness, is with what you put in your mouth.

    And when it's time for exercise it needs to be safe, simple, sustainable, and something you really enjoy!

    Are your diet, exercise, stress-management, and sleep recommendations the same for everyone?

    Our plans are as individual as the participants in our programs!

    We include body typing in our programs and ensure clients know how to eat, exercise and rest for their metabolic type.

    We'll help you figure out whether "keto is for you" and if walking or training for a 1/2 marathon best suits your type. Ultimately, your body knows best. We help you better listen and respond to its messages.

    Why is there a "spiritual" component to so many of your wellness programs?

    Because we are not body OR mind OR spirit, it didn't make sense to have our more in-depth programs deal with only part of who we are.

    The more research we did (and we are research junkies) and discovered facts like the physical and emotional benefits of the spiritual practice of being grateful, we knew we'd be doing our clients a disservice and inhibit their overall wellness if we didn't foster a little what-feels-right-for you soul care as well.

    I don't do well on my own and can talk myself out of anything! Will your programs help with that?

    For people to succeed, they need five primary components:

    Energy - it's hard to get past step one if you're tired or brain-fogged

    Clarity - otherwise confusion reigns

    Structure - we're great at personalizing frameworks . . . that work

    Feedback - we will help you be curious AND give input

    Accountability - we'll support you in following through on the things you say are important to you

    I have other questions. Can I contact you and chat?

    Absolutely! Want to learn more about:

         -Balancing blood sugar, lowering insulin levels

         -Shifting thought patterns, gaining emotional clarity

         -Dealing with mental blocks, supporting gut-brain chemistry

         -Being mindful, growing in gratitude

    Then be in touch today!

    We'd LOVE to talk and discover which In Balance Wellness Program is right for YOU!

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.



    We Believe In Our Programs

    Participate fully in our programs as directed. Exhibit effort on the goals that matter most to you.

    If in 30 days you've not shown improvement with any of your goals, you get your money--less our out-of-pocket fixed course costs--back.



    The In Balance Story

    I didn't know I wanted to learn to scuba dive when I was 60+ but I sure as heck knew I didn't want to feel as sick, tired and moody as I was when I was a very unwell social worker in my mid-20s. 

    I met with an herbalist, changed my diet, choose physical activity I loved AND started examining the underlying reasons why I struggled to follow through on the things that I said were important to me.  

    I took fitness instructors' training and went to school to become a nutritionist. All along the way I voraciously read and studied how to revolutionize how I, and those I worked with, looked and felt.

    Now I help other folks sort through wellness confusion, partner with them in body detective work to come up with a personalized game plan, and support them in creating a life they love. 

    Pretty good gig!

    Are You Ready To Become Healthier in Body/Mind/Spirit?

    Something will control the way you move forward physically, emotionally and spiritually . . . might as well be you!

    - RAM DASS Psychologist, Teacher

    Register for one of our wellness programs today. And be outfitted with the tools for continued growth. Forever!

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