Meet the In Balance Team: Michelle Harcourt

We’re excited to start off this weekly “Meet the In Balance Team” series with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Michelle!

Michelle is one amazing IB consultant based here in beautiful BC. She teaches and counsels nutritional health & wellness through her practice, Make It Count Wellness.

Michelle IB

Michelle Harcourt, RHN

IB: Where are you from? Where do you live?

M: I was born and raised in East Vancouver until I was 12 at which point my family moved to North Delta where I remained until after I graduated from North Delta Senior Secondary.

IB: As you well know, we’re all about body type here at In Balance. What body type are you?

I am a protein body type.

IB: Favourite food?

M: Italian! Especially my mom’s spaghetti

IB: How does a busy mom like you stay active?

M: How I stay active now is usually having something I’m training for (I’ve done the Tough Mudder the past two years). I currently have a torn MCL but still get in eccentric exercises. I love Zumba when I’m healthy as well!

IB: Why you decided to become a nutritionist?

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 27 years old, and through regular Western treatments I had no hope and was progressively getting worse. After taking a leap of faith and working with a Naturopath, I used holistic means to overcome my disease and live medicine free. I realized how little at that point I knew about the body but was FASCINATED to know more.

IB: What’s your number one piece of health advice?

M: Focus on adding nutrients into your day and loving your body into better health, rather than shaming it with restrictions.

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  1. Brenda

    Hey Michelle . . . any chance of a posting of your mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe??

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