What Parents & Kids Say

Before and After Obesity Pictures
and Testimonials

Is there value to before and after overweight and obesity pictures? Does hearing about some one’s weight release story make a difference? Speaking from experience with my Kids in Balance (KIB) program, I would say a resounding “Yes!” If you are on the journey of helping transition your child from obesity to balanced weight and are looking for an effective and healthy diet for kids and teens, KIB may just be your answer. Especially if what you are looking for is a healthy diet that is nutritionist-designed and, as the photos of Meaghan and her mom show, family-proven.


What’s so Great about Obesity Pictures
and Childhood Obesity Photos?

For many children that are overweight or struggling with obesity, pictures and photo-taking sessions are some of their least favourite activities. Seeing themselves in photos or comparing their size with others of a similar age in a school picture can be very discouraging. Done properly, however, with care and sensitivity, and as a means of marking the start of a journey towards optimal health, before and after obesity pictures can be very helpful.


  • Photos make it difficult to stay in denial about the fact excess weight has become a physical and emotional problem.
  • Photos show there is more to a child than physical size (i.e. a great smile, healthy hair and clear skin are all positive characteristics that can shine forth from a picture).
  • Photos can open the door for good discussion between a parent and a child carrying excess weight as to dreams and aspirations that child may have. That in turn can lead to wonderful goal-setting and action plan determination.
  • Photos give room for parents to talk not only about a child’s physical traits, but provide opportunity to acknowledge a child’s positive emotional strengths and personality characteristics as well.
  • Photos taken after a child has been on a health journey for a season can be very encouraging! It is amazing to see children’s faces light up as they see that the steps they are taking are producing wonderfully positive responses in their body.




Obesity Pictures and Testimonials

It is true that a picture, and perhaps especially a before and after obesity picture, is worth a thousand words . . . and when you are looking at the many ways a child child can change (i.e. physical size, energy levels, self-esteem and confidence, sleep patterns) after several months of healthy diet and lifestyle change, the picture may be worth much more than a thousand words! Words too though, have their place. Hearing how others have gone before you, handled the challenges of helping a child deal with excess weight, and come out the other side having succeeded at their plan, can be very encouraging and motivating. Just listen to what some of the KIB parents have to say about the Kids in Balance program:

“I am so excited for my daughter and my family for that matter of being a part of your program and of your vision for helping to make children healthier who are dealing with weight issues.” – L

Recently, Kelly [a close friend of the family] took K shopping and “he got 4 shirts and JEANS!!! He hasn’t worn jeans since grade 1. He got a haircut. I barely recognized him when I came home from work. We did measurements that weekend. He’s lost 7.5 inches off his waist since KIB. He is so motivated now. It has shifted from me to him. Your program has been so powerful for us. THANK YOU.” – 


Don’t do the same things and expect different results!

Doing the same things you have always done in your family, won’t help your child reach and maintain a healthy weight. As these obesity pictures and testimonials show, there is a solution to childhood obesity.

The Kids in Balance program gives you and your family insight into the seven main factors that contribute to most overweight or obese children’s inability to release excess weight. You’’ll start by learning a little each day, gradually transitioning into our short term first phase, Find Your BALANCE, then walking your family through KIB’s two subsequent healthy diets for kids and teens phases, Build Your BALANCE and Keep Your BALANCE.

As Meaghan’s photos (and those of her mom!) show, the KIB program gets results. Once again, however, to add words to overweight and obesity pictures, a couple of satisfied parents explain the difference for them between Kids in Balance and every other weight loss method they have used with their child:

“I do have an update for you… H’s jeans were all getting too big, so we went shopping tonight. We weren’t sure what size to try, so she went into the changing room with a 10 and a 12 (she was a 14 before). She came out of the dressing room with the biggest smile on her face, and showed me that the 10 was too big!!! She left with a size 8…..and a glow of confidence and pride that I haven’t seen before!!! Thank-you so much for this program. It has changed our lives, and is something that we can stay with forever. All the best.” – J

“R is doing very well. As for the actual weight loss we haven’t weighed her lately. She looks healthy, is getting taller and some people have said she looks great! The absolutely BEST result from KIB is her knowledge of food and portions!!! Never would she have learned this at such a critical age had we not been part of the program. She is so aware of what is healthy and what’s not! She certainly has many times where her choices could be better BUT she is aware of her decisions. We both thank you for your support!!” – B

Are there healthy diets for kids? Absolutely! Can before and after obesity pictures and testimonials help in your decision making-process as to what plan is best for your child? I think so! If you decide to begin the Kids in Balance journey, purchase my Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World book and follow KIB‘s simple, clearly outlined, 3 phases Find Your BALANCE, Build Your BALANCE and Keep Your BALANCE approach. Like many families, you’ll find the KIB program of lifestyle transition easy, tasty and results-producing. And finally, if you decide to begin the Kids in Balanceprogram, please take before and after photos of your child as well. I’d be happy to add some additional childhood obesity pictures to my website to act as encouragement to other families just starting the journey!

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