Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World eBook

Looking for Easy Weight Release for Teens and Children?

With Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World, the book version of the nutritionist-designed Kids in Balance (KIB) program, healthy and easy weight release for teens and children is a few simple steps away.

Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World presents a 3-Phase Program that addresses the primary contributing factors to childhood obesity, and does it in a way that is:


  • cost effective and simple to follow
  • kid-friendly and family-proven
  • filled with practical tips and encouraging stories.



Childhood Obesity Facts and Frustration

Until now there had been little in the way of simple and easy weight release for teens and children information, and no step-by-step method to:


  • Sort through today’s often-conflicting weight release information.
  • Translate concepts of natural nutrition and functional fitness into easy, tasty and fun ways of living life.
  • Protect a child from the many potential dangers of childhood obesity.
  • Build a foundation of wellness for a child that will last a lifetime.



The Kids in Balance program is packed full not only of healthy and easy weight release for teens and children information, but also helpful support for the ways that emotions, attitude and activity affect weight and health.

Kids in Balance – the Best Weight Release Plan

The Kids in Balance approach is ground-breaking in that:


  • It returns to the basics of natural, intuitive eating (meaning you get to have food become a healthy part of your family).
  • It addresses the fact that each child is different (meaning you can stop researching and start doing what works).
  • It uses real rather than artificially sweetened, no-fat or other unnatural foods (meaning you get to shop at “real food” places and stay within a “real food” budget).
  • It provides step-by-step—, and at the start, day-by-day— direction (meaning you can do this simply and easily!).
  • Its methods and tools enhance a child’’s and family’’s self-esteem (meaning reaching a healthy weight becomes a win-win for parents and child).
  • It recognizes that optimal health is about much more than what you weigh (meaning you can discover a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime).

Rather than being a short-term weight release plan, the Kids in Balance healthy and easy weight release for teens and children program addresses lifestyle factors that can be maintained forever.

Simply Getting Back to Basics

Over the past few years, small but increasing numbers of parents have seen significant and positive physical, mental and emotional change in their children. They have seen their children collectively release hundreds of inches of fat, watched their children’s energy levels increase, seen increased amounts of perseverance and determination in many areas of their child’s life and observed their child’s moods and concentration stabilize.

They have accomplished these goals by adopting KIB’s healthy and easy weight release for teens and children principles. Principles that are simple, soundly researched and naturally back to basics. Starting the Kids in Balance healthy and easy weight release for teens and children program is like discovering your own tailor-made way to optimize health.


What’s Included?

In order to make it even easier for your family to make healthy lifestyle transitions, along with the KIB 3-Phase Program details, Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World also contains:


  • a variety of practical worksheets
  • 50+ pages of tasty, kid-friendly recipes
  • 28 days worth of step-by-step Day-at-a-Glance Guidelines.


In addition, with purchase of the book, parents have access to additional online resources (i.e. several weeks worth of menu plans, down-loadable handouts and worksheets).

For many years my question to the parents of overweight children I met at Wellness Fairs and health seminars was “why don’t you build health at home?” Purchase Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World and ensure building health at home through the Kids in Balance easy weight release for teens and children program becomes your family legacy as well.

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