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Why Us

A lot of people are unsure how to best feed themselves. 

We guide them through today's nutritional jungle and help them simply and successfully become

happier and healthier.

HI THERE . . . We're Alicia and Brenda, co-founders of In Balance Lifestyle Management. 

What do you get when you partner a still-teaching PhD Botanist (Alicia), raised in Mexico City (with the mad Mexican cuisine cooking skills to show for it), and passionate about digestion and gut health . . . 

. . . with a former social worker (Brenda), who loves exploring emotional connections to food and who has been advocating a none-one-size-diet-fits-all approach long before "vegan" or "keto" became household words?

A whole lot of simple to understand and put into practice yet multi-layered steps to a healthier life!

Cookie Cutters are for Baking Not Diets.

With our use of metabolic typing surveys, careful evaluation of what you are already doing well and--with our PureGenomics training--even review of your raw DNA data from Ancestry or 23andme . . . 

you'll discover a personalized way to eat, exercise, supplement and be your best YOU!

Why Choose Us

Core Values

Holistic Approach to Health

Trustworthiness and Integrity

Non-Judgemental Attitude

Grateful Hearts

Open Minds


To be a chosen authority in supporting children, teens and adults to simply, naturally and sustainably reach overall wellness and an appropriate-for-you healthy size.


We are Registered Holistic Nutritionists with past health challenges. That's one reason we LOVE working with our clients. Why not help others avoid what we went through?



Raves & Reviews

What you are doing is so important, and we applaud you! Our family of three has been dramatically impacted by implementing the changes that your program teaches.

- Angela K.

With her passion for nutrition, Brenda has done extensive research to develop practical interventions to help those experiencing health issues and concerns.

- Stephen Genuis, MD

I love your program because you have taken a very complicated issue and mapped out strategies that make healthy weight management conceivable and achievable.

- Brenda Eastwood RNCP


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“That makes sense.”

“That would explain why what we were doing wasn’t helping.” 

“Now I understand.” 

“Why didn’t someone tell me this years ago?”

- Countless IB Clients